Seven days or so


Eilean Donan, Highlands of Scotland

It’s been just over seven days since I got back from Scotland, and it’s been quite a dramatic few days for the country with the referendum proving to be just as divisive for Scotland as previous important events in the country’s history. The referendum results certainly surprised me with the size of the no vote.

Another surprise was waiting when i arrived home. While away, I’d managed to miss the sad news of the demise of Pressgram, a rather handy iPhone photo app that I used quite to post images to this blog while in the Highlands. It was a fantastic app. The simplicity and ease of use was just right for posting to the blog while on the road.

I’ll be writing about the end of the app in a later post but needless to say I’m sad to see it go. Hopefully it can be made open source, or something along those lines, and given a new lease of life. Only time will tell. Until then it’s back to the WP app.

One thing I need to do is get some new camera straps. I finally realised whilst walking the mountains that a couple of the straps (at least) are well past their best. Thinking about it, those camera straps may date back to my student days. 🙂

Time to retire the veteran straps I think.

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