Dog Days

For the last few weeks, I’ve been posting a daily dog walk photo to the stories section on Instagram. I cover around 26 miles a week with Luna and me traversing the many walking routes near my home. I’ve found it to be just as therapeutic for the head as it is for the body.

The three photos here come from a new route we’ve found down near the river Derwent last week. Out in the woods, the Coronavirus pandemic and restrictions seems so far away – until you meet someone coming towards you. It’s a sudden, almost jarring, return to reality. Most people are very friendly, move aside and give plenty of space. Sadly though not everyone seems to want to follow the social distancing advice.

The river marks the border between County Durham and Northumberland and has some really excellent if slightly underdeveloped walking routes. No doubt there will be more walking and chances for Luna to explore in the coming weeks and months.

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The Carraig Fhada Experiment

With the COVID-19 restrictions, I’ve been doing some experimentation with photos using a variety of photo apps. A couple of photos of the lighthouse were posted onto Instagram but there were a few leftovers so I’ve decided to show them here.

Some work well and others maybe not so much but I do like the tones created in all the photos. Experimentation is all part of the photography process though I must admit that I don’t do nearly as much experimentation as i should.

Back when i was first starting to take photos it was nothing but experimentation. Exciting times.