Look left, Look right, Look up

An out-take from last year’s trip to Edinburgh. Going through the images again recently i noticed someone waving back at me – so much for not being spotted!

Slightly fuzzy? Well… yes does though it appears to be movement blur. They walk fast on Princes Street! It made me smile though and they seem happy to be in the photo. Obviously i was concentrating so much on taking the image i failed to notice them.

Sadly this year’s trip, due to start yesterday,  had to be cancelled due to my mother’s illness and the deterioration in her health. Another time.  For now, it’s about planning future trips and thinking about the photography i want to create.


Waiting for the bus


With everything that’s going on at the moment (see the last blog post), it’s nice to be able to get brief escape from it all even if it is only for a couple of hours.

The fact that there will be no Scotland trip this year also weighs heavy.

This image was taken in the nearby market town of Helmsley in North Yorkshire. The town is small but gets a huge amount of visitors each year, though i would say that the people in the photo are most probably locals.

It looks like i’d been spotted by the woman sat third from right.

The End of the West Highland Way


This little scene made me smile. It was a quick photo grab as i stepped out of a shop in Fort William. Some people really do love their dogs and these two Shelties could tell that a choccy doggie treat was coming their way even as the man started to reach into his pocket. Maybe they’d just had quite a long walk.

The impressive statue of the walker signifies the end of the West Highland way, a 96 miles (154Km) walking route from Milngavie to Fort William described as the Scotland’s premier long distance route. Indeed the route goes through some terrific Highland locations such as the shore of Loch Lomond, Rannock Moor, Glencoe and Glen Nevis before finishing in Gordon Square, Fort William.

And to prove you’ve actually done it…. well you can get a West Highland Way Official Souvenir Passport and have it stamped along the route at one of the many Passport Stamping Stations.