Podcast Links 2019

The November/December 2019 Podcast 

The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge
Robert Capa photographed the breaking of the siege of Bastogne, and the capitulation of German Forces in one of their last offensive operations of the war HERE

Magnum On Set: Rebel Without a Cause
Dennis Stock photographed James Dean giving his most famed performance, only months before his death.  HERE

Magnum On Set: Planet of the Apes
Dennis Stock captured surreal and offbeat scenes in-between takes during the making of the 1968 sci-fi blockbusterter.  HERE

Dennis Stock’s book of images of James Dean as mentioned in the podcast.  HERE

The October 2019 Podcast 

Berlin after the Wall – then and now. Photography by Colin McPherson HERE

Haiti’s cyclists brave protests and poor roads in race for gold. Photography by Andres Martinez Casares, Alexandre Meneghini and Gonzalo Fuentes.  HERE

Candid moments on the London Underground of the 1970s.  Phots by Mike Goldwater.  HERE

Bruce Gilden on the photographer’s changing approach to street photography, and a vision of a long-gone New York City.  HERE

The September 2019 Podcast 

No Links were mentioned in the podcast

The August 2019 Podcast 

A fantastic selection of Magnum photographers’ work made during WW2 and in its immediate aftermath. HERE

The Photography of Margaret Bourke-White – 21 images selected from a remarkable lifetime of work by a pioneer in photography and photojournalism, who captured industrial scenes and world events with as much care and craft as her intimate portraits.  HERE

A harsh turn in the weather can’t deter working class folks in North East England from enjoying time by the sea. In the 1970s, Markéta Luskacová captured the people of Whitley Bay as they walked, picnicked, played, lounged, ate and swam at the beach. HERE

Making Hitchcockian Portraits by Philippe Halsman of Magnum Photos  HERE


Images from Jimmy Forsyth’s ‘Scotswood Road’ documenting Scotswood & Elswick in the East End of Newcastle during the 50s & 60s. HERE

An exhibition of photographs taken by Peter Marlow between 2010 and 2012, of the Naves of all 42 of England’s Anglican Cathedrals using natural light at dawn. HERE

The July 2019 Podcast 

Abbas: Vietnam, Forget ME Not images. Abbas’ photographs of the closing years of the Vietnam War, the anti-war movement, and his return to the country some 30 years later.  HERE

Blood, rain and cheers: Tour de France 2019 – in pictures  HERE

Ken Grant’s long-term photo project with a landfill on the shores of the River Mersey in North West England. HERE

The pioneering female photographer Ida Wyman – in pictures  HERE

The June 2019 Podcast 

Associated Press News blog – Article discussing power of photography – Photo of Salvadoran refugees shows power of still images. HERE

Greenland’s ‘unusual’ melting sea ice captured in stunning image HERE

Borderlands: Curator Jen Sudul Edwards reflects on the archive of Magnum photographers’ work made on the border between Mexico and the US HERE

The May 2019 Podcast 

Lost Weegee Crime Photos Revealed! Hiding in a junk-store box, unseen for 82 years. HERE

Photo District News regular weekly Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking HERE


Dave Heath: A master of photographing solitude HERE

The April 2019 Podcast 

“Crying Girl at the Border” by U.S. photographer John Moore of Getty Images has won the 2019 World Press Photo of the Year HERE

W. Eugene Smith’s Warning to the World
The Magnum photographer made his last photo essay about industrial mercury poisoning in the Japanese city of Minamata, helping to bring justice and visibility to the victims HERE

Behind the Image: Chris Steele-Perkins’ New Londoners
The photographer and Londoner on the personal motivation behind documenting the many faces of one of the most diverse cities in the world  HERE

A reluctant rock concert attendee, Bill Owens nevertheless photographed the disastrous 1969 music festival Altamont and the close of an era. HERE

Gimme Shelter – Official Film Trailer

The March 2019 Podcast 

Gerda Taro: The First Woman War Photographer to Die in the Field HERE

William Boyd on Raymond Depardon’s Grisaille Vision of 1980s Glasgow HERE

Peace wall people: the youth of Belfast – in pictures HERE

Tim Hetherington’s Sleeping Soldiers – Looking back at the late photographer’s humanising portraits of U.S. soldiers at rest during a tour in Afghanistan HERE

Block Gallery Plugin for WordPress HERE

The Test Strip Photo Blog HERE

The February 2019 Podcast 

Martin Parr: 48 Years of Photographing the Quirky and Kitschy in Manchester HERE

George Mendonsa, 95, Most Likely the Sailor in a Famous Photo, Dies HERE

The True Story Behind an Iconic Vietnam War Photo Was Nearly Erased — Until Now HERE

Old photos show Katrine aqueduct being built HERE

The January 2019 Podcast 

Greenland’s Vanishing Villages. Jonas Bendiksen’s social documentary photography project looking the push toward modernisation by the Danish government that is leaving many of the nation’s smaller settlements facing shrinking populations and destructive gender imbalances  HERE