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podcast_logo_1500Released regularly, the Richard Flint Photography podcast features photography news, photography projects, website and podcast links, multimedia presentations, videos, photography articles, details about upcoming exhibitions, photographic awards and much more. Podcast specials are also usually occasionally recorded each year.

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This joint Richard Flint Photography/Darker skies audio podcast covers a broad range of photography related topics and issues that have taken place over the previous weeks.

Although the podcasts does look at certain technical issues from time to time, its main focus is on the process of image making, the photography itself and the photographers who make those fantastic images. We concentrate on the image and not the camera.

The podcasts mention photography websites, multimedia and video that I’ve enjoyed and admired online. Rather than read out the link addresses, many of which are incredibly complex and long, I will place the links on this podcast page so that the digital content mentioned can be easily found and viewed.

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The September 2018 Podcast 

Cloudflare: Offering CDN, DNS, DDoS protection and security  HERE

Sparks Fly on F1 Racetracks. HERE

Wayne Miller: A Human Touch. Looking back on the life and work of the acclaimed documentary photographer and one of Magnum’s former Presidents on the centenary of his birth HERE

Dickey Chapelle : Inside the Daring Life of a Forgotten Female War Photographer. HERE

Brexit worries from the Irish border – a photo essay  HERE

The August 2018 Podcast 

Magnum’s Martin Parr – Fishing for a Future After Brexit  HERE

Werner Bischof: The Boy from Roermond. HERE

Le Mow: the 12-hour lawnmower race – in pictures HERE

Ships and wrecks: the UK’s best coastal photography – in pictures. HERE

Shutterbugs, Pixel Peepers and Others Who Annoy Me  HERE

The July 2018 Podcast 

The Tour de France at its most beautiful  HERE

This is how Washington, England, feels about President Trump’s UK visit. Photographs by Mary Turner/Panos for CNN. HERE

New Brighton revisited – three decades in pictures | A group show brings together for the first time the New Brighton pictures of internationally renowned British photographers Martin Parr, Ken Grant and Tom Wood. HERE

When his career began in the 1950s, Latif Al Ani captured scenes of Iraqi life in a more innocent times. HERE

The June 2018 Podcast 

Photographer Tish Murtha documented her community in industrial England HERE

10 photographers, including David Bailey and Paul Reas, to document the life and landscape of the South Wales valleys during a time of great change. HERE

Rohingya Refugees Earning a Meager Wage in the Fishing Industry. HERE

Photos: Fans of the 2018 World Cup – 40 colorful and emotional shots of supporters in Russia (and back home) cheering on their national teams, and feeling their wins and losses. HERE

The May 2018 Podcast 

A Changing Way of Life For Mongolia’s Dukha Reindeer Herders – 23 photos from the taiga and steppe in north central Mongolia by Reuters photographer Thomas Peter HERE

Photo Updates From Kilauea: The Lava Meets the Sea – 30 amazing images from the past week of volcanic activity on Hawaii’s Big Island. HERE

A gambler’s look at gamblers. A decade long look at the world of gambling through the lens of Martin Amis. HERE

It’s not widely known that before Stanley Kubrick made films, he photographed 1940s New York as a staff photographer for Look magazine. A new book from Taschen and exhibition looks at his early work. HERE

The April 2018 Podcast 

Chris Steele Perkin’s  A Sense of Community: Wolverhampton in the 1970s  HERE

For more background detail behind Chris Steele Perkin’s photography click here HERE

Helen Levitt’s Street Dramas:  Black-and-white photographs between 1934 and 1946, mostly in working class neighborhoods of New York City. HERE

The winners of the professional category of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced, with British artist Alys Tomlinson named as Photographer of the Year for her arresting series on pilgrimages. HERE

Podcast Special: RFP Podcast: Photobook: Northumberland by J C Tordai

The first in a series of special podcasts looking at a photography book taken from Richard Flint’s bookshelf. The first book in this series is the documentary photography book Northumberland by J C Tordai, published in 1993, and a book that has been a big influence on Richard’s photography over the past twenty years.

The March 2018 Podcast 

Photographer Ron Haeberle was at My Lai when American troops killed hundreds of Vietnamese civilians. 50 years after the atrocity, he talks with FOTO about his pictures that changed the course of the Vietnam War.  HERE

Oh Jonny boy: mid-20th century Ireland in glorious technicolour HERE

Surfing Norway in Sub-Zero Temperatures – 30 images fom AFP photographer Olivier Morin who recently spent several days on the beautiful beaches of Norway’s Lofoten Islands, with a group of hardy surfers. HERE

The February 2018 Podcast 

The vanished East End of London. David Granick’s shots from the 1960s and 70s capture a fading world   HERE

The photos that changed America: celebrating the work of Lewis Hine HERE

The July 2017 Podcast 

Seven photos, seven stories: Chris Killip on capturing the declining industrial towns of England in the ’70s & ’80s   HERE

Harf Zimmermann captures the day-to-day of an East German neighborhood in the 1980s HERE


A moody, unsettling look at St. Petersburg. Photos by Igor Posner HERE

The January/February 2016 Podcast 

American airmen in England during World War Two  HERE

Teaching Photography Inside Malawi’s Prisons  HERE

The 2015 World Press Photo winners HERE

Flor Garduño’s Vision in Black-and-White  HERE

Melting Away: Stunning Photos of Disappearing Icebergs  HERE

Britain’s National Media Museum Loses More Than Just a Treasured Archive HERE


Migrants Working Far Away in European Fields HERE

Nowhere to Go Amid Alaska’s Melting Ice HERE