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Released bi-monthly, the Richard Flint Photography podcast features photography news, photography projects, website and podcast links, multimedia presentations, videos, photography articles, details about upcoming exhibitions, photographic awards and much more. Podcast specials are also occasionally recorded each year.

This joint Richard Flint Photography/Darker skies audio podcast covers a broad range of photography related topics and issues that have taken place over the previous weeks.

Although the podcasts does look at certain technical issues from time to time, its main focus is on the process of image making, the photography itself and the photographers who make those fantastic images. We concentrate on the image and not the camera.

The podcasts mention photography websites, multimedia and video that I’ve enjoyed and admired online. Rather than read out the link addresses, many of which are incredibly complex and long, I will place the links on this podcast page so that the digital content mentioned can be easily found and viewed.

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[PODCAST NEWS: The Podcast is back! Next podcast will be released in November.]


The July 2017 Podcast 

Seven photos, seven stories: Chris Killip on capturing the declining industrial towns of England in the ’70s & ’80s   HERE

Harf Zimmermann captures the day-to-day of an East German neighborhood in the 1980s HERE


A moody, unsettling look at St. Petersburg. Photos by Igor Posner HERE

The January/February 2016 Podcast 

American airmen in England during World War Two  HERE

Teaching Photography Inside Malawi’s Prisons  HERE

The 2015 World Press Photo winners HERE

Flor Garduño’s Vision in Black-and-White  HERE

Melting Away: Stunning Photos of Disappearing Icebergs  HERE

Britain’s National Media Museum Loses More Than Just a Treasured Archive HERE


Migrants Working Far Away in European Fields HERE

Nowhere to Go Amid Alaska’s Melting Ice HERE