The Journey Home


That’s it! Times up! Time to go home. The last two weeks has flown by and all that’s left to do is pack and head back to the north of England.

The light and weather have been great with Skye especially having some wonderful weather. What initially looked like being a wet and dull week in the highlands, turned out to be rather wide of the mark forecast wise. The rainy episodes did have some positive outcomes – my interest in Chess had returned after a few years away. I even bought a Skye chess set and board.

There were plenty of favourite moments during the stay on Skye and in the highlands but the visit to Flora MacDonald’s grave remains a poignant one, almost an act of pilgrimage for those fascinated by Scottish history as I am. The sun coming up over the mountainous coast of Scotland during the first few days on Skye was also wondrous. Magical even.

So the bags are packed and the cameras packed away. I don’t know when I’ll be back (most likely not next year) but I’ll certainly look forward to seeing the misty mountains and dark lochs of Skye and the highlands again some day.

The image above is of the Black Cuillins mountains on Skye, an impressive and rather dark presence when visiting the isle of Skye.

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