The Quiraing Sunbather

The Quiraing, on the Isle of Skye, isn’t exactly the first place you’d think of when it comes to sunbathing, but on returning to the car, i came across this chap trying to catch some rays. Then again, maybe he was just getting some rest after walking the Quiraing.

The fabulous mountains in the background are the Torridon hills on the Scottish Mainland, an area of Scotland that I’ve never visited before but would love to explore.

The Lonely Tree

I’m currently going through my Scotland images and came across this one taken in 2013. It certainly lives up to the Darker Skies name!

The tree has appeared in a number of my photographs including the one below that has been used as my twitter header image, on and off, since 2012.  I have to say that i’m rather fond of that little tree.

Both photographs were taken at a location near Dornie, Highlands of Scotland.

A glass full of rainwater 


A black and white version of this image was added to my Instagram feed today but I also like this colour version.

The picture is of a table at a fabulous Bric-a-brac place on Skye that is an amazing experience. One visitor I heard used the word overwhelming! Amongst the junk, however, is treasure. People can often be seen looking around clutching the ‘treasure’ that they’ve found. I myself have bought one or two things there over the years.

This image was taken near the wall next to the road. Items are just placed out for sale in a very chaotic fashion – some indoors and others outside where the vases, plates, figurines, sowing machines, tools, tables, etc have to deal with the extremes of Skye’s weather. 

Yep… the glass is actually full of rainwater!