Down by the river

IMG_0869.JPG There is nothing like a walk alongside a river, especially if it’s at a place like Durham. The town was just too busy to be a pleasant experience so I decided to head down to the peace and quiet of the river.

Down by the river bank autumn was starting to make its mark though the trees have yet to be totally transformed into the golden colours. Another couple of weeks should see the reds, browns and golds start to appear. It will look wonderful.

Walking along the path beside the wear I noticed that most of the other people were young couples, obviously students at the university, holding hands and totally wrapped up in their own world, slowly walking into town. A tiny bit of me was envious for that young, care free student life again.

A rowing team were being put their paces by a coach on the river bank, shouting out something about oars and rowing technique. The team listened and then slowly turned the boat around, setting off again leaving fantastic ripple patterns, where their oars entered the water, in their wake.

After they’d gone I turned and headed for the town once again.