The Going Year


I’ve never been much for celebrating the New Year coming in. I think it stems from my parents quiet ambivalence to all the New Year partying. Look back at the old year, take the lessons from it and move onto the new, seems to be as good an option as any.

The photo, by the way, isn’t my ‘best photo of 2013’ as so many photographers seem to do but i suppose it could be seen as a slight reference to the end of the year as we all paddle our kayaks towards the unknown waters on the horizon. Ahem… deep. 🙂

The weather in Uig, Skye that day was miserable with rain and a ferocious wind battering this group of kayaking rookies who were taking instruction. Only the guy in the lead boat seemed to be comfortable in the constant rough swell of the waves. The others had a rather stiffer technique which seemed to be a combination of intense concentration mixed with mild terror. You couldn’t help but admire them as they battled the elements.

My big find of 2013 was chess. I used to play many years ago and after buying a set up in Skye, i found that my passion for the game came back. Professional photography can be quite a intense business at times and i find that chess provides a welcome escape away from the thought processes of work. Photography can become all-consuming if you let it.

So finally I’d like to finish this final post of 203 with a thank you to everyone who follow the blog or reads the posts. It is very much appreciated. Next year i will try and post more regularly. I certainly want to try and use Pressgram more than i have.

Have a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2014.

Glencaple Trawler Bow II


So here is the final image of the Glencaple Trawler. I thought i’d add a third photograph to make a nice trio 🙂 This final shot looks up the River Nith towards Dumfries.

All of the photos were taken on the morning i was heading for home. After a rainy day or two the clouds finally parted, blue sky was revealed and the sun made a welcome appearance – just as i was heading back home. Typical eh. So I took my shots in the rather warm light of the mid morning, got back in the car and headed for home.

As for the trawler seen in the photographs, i’m not exactly sure if it was in the early stages of restoration, used as somewhere to stay or just waiting for the scrap man to arrive. From certain things i saw it could be the second of those options.

There is something compelling though about boats and ships that are at the end of their working lives. Something rather sad. We attach a lot of emotion to boats and ships, maybe more than we do any other method of transport.

A new Scotland gallery has been started on the main website and features a rather good panoramic photograph of the River Nith. The gallery, which is a work in progress with new images to be added regularly, can be found at:-