Podcast Links 2012

The December 2012 / January 2013 Podcast Links

Corey Arnold’s photographs of fishermen and a life at sea HERE

Lyndsay Addario’s photo essay about female US Marines serving in Afghanistan HERE

The groundbreaking photo story of wounded WWII US soldier George Lott photographed by Ralph Morse HERE

Richard Barnes Wet Plate process photography of contemporary US Civil War re-enactments  HERE

Check out last month’s links for a couple of great Wet Plate Process photography videos


Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt on photographing The Misfits  HERE

Using his close affiliation with the Korean gang scene, Yang Seung-woo captures an underground world few ever see HERE

“Opposing Superpowers, Same Terror.” Justin Barton’s Detailed Photos of Cold War Missile Sites HERE

The Big Picture: Dakar Rally 2013 HERE

Maha Kumbh Mela: millions make a pilgrimage to the Ganges HERE


The October/November 2012 Podcast Links

CodeGuard: A website data backup service HERE

A Fierce and Tender Eye: Gordon Parks on Poverty’s Dire Toll: The landmark LIFE photo essay HERE

World War II Through Soviet Jewish Eyes: Soviet war photography HERE

American Dream: Ian Ruhter photographs LA people with a wet plate camera… that’s also his van and darkroom HERE

American Tintype: Photographer Harry Taylor takes to tintype after taking digital and film photography as far as they could go. HERE


An African journey: the photography and travels of Pascal Maitre HERE

Rev. Don Doll’s Decades of Documenting Native Americans HERE

RARE Video interview: Photographer/Filmmaker William Klein in Paris HERE

Hurricane Sandy Really Was Instagram’s Moment: 1.3 Million Pics Posted HERE


The September 2012 Podcast Links

What’s to become of the professional photographer in a digital age where 380 billion photos are taken a year? HERE

The Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2012 HERE


Glimpses of the 1906 Earthquake seen in modern-day photos of San Francisco HERE

On Patrol in Yemen by Yuri Kozyrev HERE


The August 2012 Podcast Links

Kodak has made the decision to sell off its film and paper divisions, as it continues to restructure its business around printing HERE

Impossible Project 8×10 film: Reinventing Instant Film in an Age of Instant Imagery HERE and HERE

Crossing Paths: Niall McDiarmid’s excellent street portraits from around the UK HERE

The 1958 documentary on the life and work of iconic landscape photographer Ansel Adams HERE

The Atlantic – In Focus | NASA’s Curiosity on Mars HERE

Goran Tomasevic’s dramatic photos of the fighting around Aleppo in Syria HERE


This months bonus links are an excellent series of posts by John Edwin Mason about the work produced for LIFE by Margaret Bourke-White in the Southern USA and South Africa. A recommended read!

Margaret Bourke-White & the Photography of Segregation: Life Magazine, 1956

Margaret Bourke-White in South Africa: Part 1, the Voortrekker Monument

Margaret Bourke-White in South Africa: Part 2, the Black Problem


The June/July 2012 Podcast Links

Fujifilm discontinues two professional films HERE

Lovely Sky Monsters. Storm images by award-winning photographer Camille Seaman HERE

Twisted Nostalgia: Life After the Troubles HERE

The Fantastic Machine That Found the Higgs Boson HERE

Jim Lo Scalzo: the only all-female chain gang in the USA HERE

Sebastião Salgado: Images from his Genesis project. (changed from the Guardian link to the project website due to expired copyright on the Guardian gallery) HERE


Jim Lo Scalzo’s website featuring more great photography HERE

Camille Seaman: website for the photographer featuring the excellent ‘The Last Iceberg’ series HERE


The May 2012 Podcast Links

The Instagram website – http://instagr.am/

The Leica Monochrom  HERE

Volcano Man – the volcanic images of G Brad Lewis HERE

Last of the Billingsgate Fish Porters | Audio Slideshow HERE

Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of the oil industry HERE

Alex Arbuckle’s images of the NYPD HERE


Finding community in America’s Appalachian region. Images by Mario Tama HERE

Volvo Ocean Race: the 50 best weather images HERE


The April 2012 Podcast Links

The Hungry Eye Magazine Podcast – HERE

His Neighbor’s Keeper — and Chronicler. Michael Keating photographs his neighbour HERE

Up close and personal: Dale Morris’s portraits of wildlife in southern Africa HERE

Photos That Move and Flow — Underwater. The underwater photography of David Doubilet HERE

The excellent Steve McCurry photograph blog HERE

Lake District mountain panoramas by Alastair Lee HERE


“TThe Photojournalism links blog: packed full of photo journalism link and updated on a regular basis HERE

The fascinating story of a Connecticut small town photographer & Chiang Kai-Shek’s troops in WWII HERE


The February/March 2012 Podcast Links

Framed –  Short film shot on an iPhone. Recommended viewing. HERE

Bruce Springsteen South by Southwest Music Festival excellent Keynote speech on creativity and music HERE

Lost Villages –  the photography of Neil A White and the coastal erosion on the East coast of Yorkshire HERE

Dream City: Roller Coasters in Rwanda; Fairy Tales in Turkmenistan. The photography of Anoek Steketee HERE

The Audio Slideshow – Across two Sudans: photographs taken throughout Sudan over five years by Tim McKulka HERE

Finding the Moments New Yorkers Ignore: The New York street photography by Dimitri Mellos HERE

Two photographers and adventurers both, set out to visit one of Afghanistan’s most remote regions. There they meet villagers who have never been photographed before. Great Images and a interesting read HERE


“The Little Spies of Putin?” Photos of training at an elite Russian military academy for young girls HERE

Revealing look at North Korea through photos by the state news agency and AP HERE

Michigan-based photographer Robert Shimmin talks about its history and his own journey with tintype photography. HERE


The December/January 2012 Podcast Links

After confronting anti-Muslim hostility, Bharat Choudhary – himself a Hindu – set out to document how young Muslims navigate their way through the fears and stereotypes imposed on them in the West. His journey has taken him across several continents and cultures. HERE

Sundance Film Festival 2012 portraits by Larry Busacca and Victoria Will HERE

From the Soviet invasion and the mujahideen resistance to the Taliban and the American occupation, A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan by Seamus Murphyexamines thirty years of Afghan history. It is the story of ordinary citizens whose lives play out in the shadow of superpowers. There are tales of violence to be sure, but there is also love and even romance. HERE

Stranger Tourist Self-Portraits by Benoit Paillé HERE

Roller Skating Rinks Photographed by Jennifer Trausch Using the 20×24 Polaroid Camera HERE


Excellent series of images by Tyler Hicks taken on board the carrier U.S.S. John C. Stennis and up in an F/A-18 HERE

From 0 years to 100 years, 100 portraits of 100 women. http://www.onehundredone.dk/women.html

Time and loss as seen from William Gedney’s Myrtle Ave. apartment window. HERE

Bruce Davidson on photographing the New York City subway system HERE

Christmas Behind Bars: Intimate Photos of women domestic violence victims waiting trial by Clara Vanucci. HERE