About Me

A rare selfie next to the Old Man of Storr, Skye – 2015

Welcome to the Darker Skies website. My name is Richard, and I’m a freelance photographer working in the UK producing photography, multimedia and WordPress websites. More details about me and my photography can be found at www.richardflintphoto.com.

Darker Skies was originally established to cover those darker, dramatic styles of colour and monochrome photography that i love so much, however the site has gradually taken on a role of its own as a photo scrapbook, mobile blogging platform and photo blog. The photography podcast also has its main links page based on this site.

A wide variety of photography is featured on this site from archive images, mobile photos through to medium format photography. The site, however, is the home for my mobile blogging where I post images, talk about my travels and my observations.


Generally this site has a more experimental and personal feel to it than the main photography blog. It also links in with all of my other sites out there on the web including the social media sites.

Occasionally I’ll look at the world of photography and contribute some of my opinions and theories from time to time. You can also find me on Twitter where i regularly post photo links, news and, every now and then, my own photos.

My Twitter page can be found at www.twitter.com/richflintphoto

I can also be found on Instagram at https://instagram.com/richardflintphoto

Thank you for visiting The Darker Skies Photoblog.