Sage Talk

Presenter Rana Mitter with Damon Hill, Tanni Grey-Thompson and former Colonel Lincoln Jopp at the Free Thinking Festival at Sage Gateshead  – 18th March 2017.

A few weeks ago i was fortunate to go along to a great talk at Sage Gateshead  (a most impressive building btw) as part of the Free Thinking festival  which hosts a variety of discussions recorded for BBC Radio 3 programme called… you guessed it… Free Thinking. Sadly we only had time to attend one talk but i’d certainly like to go another year as the range of topics being discussed were fantastic.

The topic under consideration at the talk i attended was whether the rush of adrenaline makes us think better? The panel consisted of 1996 F1 world champion Damon Hill, Tanni Grey-Thompson (16 Paralympic medals during her career (including 11 golds) and won the London Marathon six times) and former British army Colonel Lincoln Jopp ( served for 27 years, commanding in conflict zones around the world).

The talk was recorded and can be heard HERE via a BBC podcast.

I did manage to get a photo at the end, though my choice of a wideangle lens wasn’t exactly ideal – it was just on the camera when i left the house! Not a bad shot though 🙂

January Roundup

It’s not been a bad start to 2012 on the website front, so i thought i’d do a little roundup of the highlights.

The new RichFlintPhoto | 50mm Tumblr blog is set to stay, and i may even invest in a better theme for the site later this year. It difficult to describe the difference between a Tumblr blog and the WordPress/Blogger, so lets just say it’s a nice, quick, daily updated addition to the blog family. Check out 50mm on Tumblr at

I also invested a little more time in my main blog including a review post of the content and publication application SlideShowPro Director. I haven’t done a review on the blog for some time – years probably – but i was so impressed with the SlideShowPro software that i thought i HAD to do a review. No sponsored review – i bought the software with my own money – just a simple review of what SlideShowPro Director offers.

If you are waiting for the release of the well overdue podcast, then you’ll be glad to know that I’ll be recording it over the next couple of days. It should have been released (or do they escape?) by now, but a sound card failure delayed the recording. I really do need to get some kit to make it slightly easier to record i.e USB microphone. Expect the extended December/January photography podcast with news and links very soon.