Technique… not tools

How do some of these photo bloggers find time to post daily? Even at the peak of my posting, on my other photoblog creation, i only managed 27 posts out of 31 day period, and that was a one time event. I suppose i was fanatically keen on blogging at the time, although that ‘honeymoon’ period didn’t last.  I average about 11 posts a month now. What i find rather worrying about such regular posting is that it becomes rather tedious and does the photographer’s work some disservice. I’d rather have a photographer who posted great images every few days or so. Less is more.

One photoblog I’ve been following for a over a year now really does get my blood boiling. I’m not going to mention the blog or who it’s by, but i will say that the writing on this blog is entertaining, witty and often contains useful photographic observations. The writer even seems a likeable, friendly type, but it’s the photography that really, REALLY annoys me. Bland, boring images, yep hugely DULL photographs that i’d rather set fire to than blog, taken with some of the finest pieces of camera equipment, money can buy. Looking at the dull images makes you instantly realise that great cameras don’t necessarily make great photographers.

I have a theory that a good photographer can shoot a great image using virtually any type of camera, from a cheap secondhand Zenith 35mm, to a mobile phone camera, to a top of the range Leica M8.2. Is it envy for the camera the blogger is using? Well maybe partly, but it just seems such a waste of a well engineered camera. A great camera should compliment the user and help you take great images, and if those images are lacking something then you can’t blame your tools. It’s not tools, it’s technique. I suppose, like all art and beauty,  a good photograph is just a matter of opinion and all in the eye of the beholder. Still seems a waste though. I’m going to keep an eye on the blog and see whether any improvements in image quality and shooting technique occur… I’m not holding my breathe.

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