Feeding the Gulls

Sea front at Hunstanton, Norfolk – September 2016


Terris Novalis

Terris Novalis is an impressive sculpture located in Consett, County Durham that symbolises the economic regeneration of the area.  In the background is the Tesco building, the supermarket standing on the land where the old steel works used to stand.

Sage Talk

Presenter Rana Mitter with Damon Hill, Tanni Grey-Thompson and former Colonel Lincoln Jopp at the Free Thinking Festival at Sage Gateshead  – 18th March 2017.

A few weeks ago i was fortunate to go along to a great talk at Sage Gateshead  (a most impressive building btw) as part of the Free Thinking festival  which hosts a variety of discussions recorded for BBC Radio 3 programme called… you guessed it… Free Thinking. Sadly we only had time to attend one talk but i’d certainly like to go another year as the range of topics being discussed were fantastic.

The topic under consideration at the talk i attended was whether the rush of adrenaline makes us think better? The panel consisted of 1996 F1 world champion Damon Hill, Tanni Grey-Thompson (16 Paralympic medals during her career (including 11 golds) and won the London Marathon six times) and former British army Colonel Lincoln Jopp ( served for 27 years, commanding in conflict zones around the world).

The talk was recorded and can be heard HERE via a BBC podcast.

I did manage to get a photo at the end, though my choice of a wideangle lens wasn’t exactly ideal – it was just on the camera when i left the house! Not a bad shot though 🙂

Albatros, Mum’s best photo


Albatros : Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk – 2007  | Photo by Enid M Flint

Well the blog has been quiet for the last few months due to my Mum’s death in December after a five month battle with cancer.  She was 69 years old.

To be honest i think i’m still processing the events of last year. The whole horrid situation in 2016, from Mum’s cancer diagnosis to the day of her funeral, seemed surreal at times and moved with a speed that was hard to keep pace with. Then it’s over and you have to pick up the pieces, and get on with life again. Not exactly easy.

Fortunately Spring is nearly here and I’m starting to turn my thoughts again to  photography. It’s a sort of therapy if truth be told. To start with I’ve been going through my archive and I came across some of my Mum’s photographs saved alongside mine.  Ten years ago  she got a small Pentax Optio S7 digital compact after the photo bug bit. Over the next decade she enjoyed taking photographs here and there, but one image always did stand out from the rest. Her best shot.

The photograph above is what i always referred to as her ‘best photo’.  The one she had to beat. It was taken just as the Albatros ( a sailing ketch with a fascinating history) was being tied up in the harbour after a trip out. My Mum was always fascinated by the people in the image. Were the two figures on the right hand side of the photo related – mother and son perhaps? She always thought so. Was that the father leaning forward? Only the crewman with the mooring rope is obviously identifiable.

It has the look and feel of a painting. The way the figures stand on the deck, the light, the framing of the photo and even the subject matter all lend themselves to canvas. Sadly my Mum never had the opportunity to surpass this photograph, though it has to be said that it would be a tough image to equal, let alone surpass.

Look left, Look right, Look up

An out-take from last year’s trip to Edinburgh. Going through the images again recently i noticed someone waving back at me – so much for not being spotted!

Slightly fuzzy? Well… yes does though it appears to be movement blur. They walk fast on Princes Street! It made me smile though and they seem happy to be in the photo. Obviously i was concentrating so much on taking the image i failed to notice them.

Sadly this year’s trip, due to start yesterday,  had to be cancelled due to my mother’s illness and the deterioration in her health. Another time.  For now, it’s about planning future trips and thinking about the photography i want to create.