Upgrade, Upgrade

The harbour wall at Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

The fun has started. I’ve started looking into getting a new computer for later this year. My old Dell is still going strong but it needs to be replaced with a  more modern machine. At the moment, i’m looking at either getting a Mac or sticking with Dell who, regardless of what Mac fans say, do build decent PCs. A computer is a tool and as long as it does what it should, is reliable and the price is right, i have no problem with using either Mac or PC. I can use both. A computer snob i ain’t. My only issue with Apple is cost. Yes their computers are superb, but the prices significantly reflect that too.  It would also mean changing Photoshop, Nikon and Capture One software over to Mac. More cost. More to think about. Sometimes i just get really fed up with the seemingly constant upgrading process that’s part of this modern technological world.

New Resolutions

The yacht Ayesha departs Scarborough harbour

I’m going to keep my new year resolutions simple. More photography, keep running/jogging and develop more commercial ideas for selling work. There are a few other smaller resolutions but these fall into the catagory of self improvement. My only bit of advice for 2010 is enjoy your photography. It is a theraputic pastime and good for the soul. It doesn’t matter what you take your photographs on, whether a box brownie, a phone or a state of the art digital SLR. Just go forth and snap!