Rest in peace

Is the dedicated bench, commemorating a life, purely a British thing? Do other countries do it? I assume they do.

I love these seven benches at Sheringham. They were all dedicated to people who holidayed there and loved the place. A nice touch that at least gives the sitter a small personal detail about the memorialised person. I know Arthur loved this place.  Would i get that from a headstone in a cemetery? I very much doubt it.

I  hope i get a bench one day. Some weary photographer, carrying too much gear, may need it!

Book Delivery!

Yay! My copy of Sea, Sky, Sand and Street arrived by UPS just now. I’ve had a look through and i’m very pleased with the results. I’ll be posting a review of my Blurb book making experience, and the results i got, in later post, however i thought i’d post some initial thoughts.

First of all the quality is excellent. Better than some photography books i own!

Good print tone (a slight green tint but OK) with deep blacks and plenty of detail in the images. The premium matt paper i opted for looks and feels good, adding that extra weight quality to the book pages. Text is crisp and accurately placed on the page.

The layout and whether it would survive the book printing and trimming process was a slight concern but i had little to worry about. There was a degree of flexibility in the design and the resulting printed version is around 98% true to the screen version.

A more detailed review will be posted on the main photoblog later this week.

Book: Sea, Sky, Sand and Street

It’s with a great deal of pleasure that i can announce the launch of my first photography book release called Sea, Sky, Sand and Street available from

Based on this year’s Solo Photo Book month project, this brand new 7×7 inches (18×18 cm) photography book has been completely redesigned from scratch and features a new layout design, over 70 photographs including a number of new images and more.

For the next sixteen days (check out the book preview to spot why it’s 16 days) the soft cover version of book will be available to buy for the introductory price of £16.95 plus £4.99 postage. The sixteen day period will end on midnight September 10th when the price will return to £18.95. A hardback edition of the book is also available.

The new Sea, Sky, Sand and Street book in softcover and hardback can be purchased HERE

Misty Moored Up

An anchored yacht at Beaumaris, Anglesey in North Wales.

I love the misty mountain of Snowdonia that feature in the background of this photo. To wake up on your yacht to that view must be fantastic. I would own a yacht if i could afford one. I adore the freedom you have to move around that a yacht offers. One day maybe…

At the time of writing, I’m packing to go down to Cornwall. When this post appears on the blog, i will be boarding the train for an eight hour journey down to the South West of England. So keep an eye on this blog, the main photoblog and the other websites over the next few days for tweets, photos, audioboos, podcasts, blogposts and more.