The Path to the Old Man of Storr


This was one of my favourite images from last year’s trip to Skye and the great day I had climbing up to the Old Man of Storr – even though I did carry my camera kit up too!

The path in the photo winds its way up to the real start of the climb not that far past the gate, the place where people usually make the decision to continue or turn back. A series of daunting looking steps starts the climb after that point. It’s well worth the effort but you have to be properly prepared for the steep climb.

One thing you can’t fail to miss as you walk up is the apocalyptic landscape around you where the trees have been harvested. Hopefully when I return later this year, a new set of trees will have been planted that can be harvested again in around 20 or 30 years.


When i was looking at the photo on screen I noticed that the man in the centre of the photo is turning around and looking back. Did he sense someone was taking the photo? It’s probably more likely that he is just taking one last look at the Storr before heading back to the car.

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