In between Signals


Last week I had no Internet. No wifi at all. Only a three bar mobile signal, that came and went like the wind, served as a link between me and the online world.

I liked that and the view I used to get as I hung out of the upper window of the Skye holiday cottage to get the signal. Sending tweets became a matter of balance, timing and using the Birdhouse iPhone app.

Instagram seemed the best option for assembling photos to upload. You can stack and then upload at a later date which is incredibly useful. Many of the other apps rely on some sort of signal connection being maintained and so were useless in the low signal zone I was in.

This week I have wifi and I intend testing out the Pressgram app, a Instagram like service that can also post to WordPress blogs, more extensively. I’m still not quite sure where it fits into my requirements. It’s early days for the app but some aspects of Pressgram do need more work like security.

The image in this post is of Flora MacDonald’s grave on Skye. Flora helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape and became a Jacobite heroine. As someone who loves Scottish history, it was quite emotional being able to visit the grave.

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