The Return


Thursday turned out to be a bit of a washout. High winds and a driving rain made just going out a challenge let alone taking any photographs. Fortunately today was much better so it was in the direction of Skye that I headed, traveling up to Uig located in the north west corner of the isle.

Skye has been a beautiful place to visit, so much so that I intend staying there for seven days next year. Wherever you seem to look, Skye offers a new experience or view. Sadly I’ll be leaving the Highlands tomorrow to go down to the Dumfries area of Scotland. With hindsight I should have thought about staying longer in this area when booking the cottages but you should always leave a place with a feeling of wanting more. Anyway a stay around the Highlands and Skye is definitely planned for 2013. The first thing to do when I get back home is start planning next year’s visit.


One other benefit of staying on Skye would be the opening up of new areas to explore like the Isle of Harris etc. Day trips could be planned using the ferry services. It’s something to work out for next year but seeing the ferry loading and setting off today, I was REALLY tempted to go aboard and sail away. I quite fancy taking a sea journey.


Traveling about, a photographer needs to be able to move quietly and quickly, without drawing attention to their presence. I thought maybe using this camper van covered in a tartan camouflage might be a good way of doing that 🙂

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