Within Tartan


It was a tartan sort of day really. While out and about, I came across a wonderful mill shop selling and producing all kinds of tartan for all sorts of occasion. You could kit yourself out for a wedding, a family event, highland dancing or get your clan’s tartan made.

Sadly i’m not aware of any Scottish roots ( it’s possible i could have some though as I have Welsh and Irish) so I couldn’t have my clan tartan made. Pretty gutted about that because I have the legs for kilt wearing. 🙂

I decided to buy a scarf featuring the tartan of the 42nd Royal Highland regiment known as ‘The Black Watch’. I have a thing for scarfs 🙂 The range of tartans is amazing, with patterns representing almost everything you can think of – even thriftiness! I may be back for another scarf.

While purchasing my latest scarf I mentioned how brilliant the shop was. The reply from the lady owner summed it up nicely when she remarked about the tartans representing the old Scotland. She’s right. Contained within the intricate tartan patterns are the history, the culture and the identity of Scotland. A Scotland without tartan is just plain unthinkable.

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