Ninety Degrees

The rain came in fast, moving across the expanse of water between Skye and Kyle of Lochalsh. Not that the weather bothered me as I took photos. There is nothing like a bit of rough weather to blow the cobwebs away especially if it’s rough coastal weather.

I did wonder if I was the only one to think it was slightly blowy so I was relieved to hear the lady in the nearby Lifeboat shop remark about how windy it was. It was heavy weather for everyone including the locals it seems.

Weather is, of course, an important component in photography and yet we often have the tendency to put away our cameras once the clouds darken and the rain appears. Keeping the camera out of the bag can often deliver rewarding results though a drying cloth is definitely something to keep with you.

The sheer speed of weather conditions means you have to be quick, though often you do see it coming and can add it to any landscape photo as long as you are quick.

So why is the post called ninety degrees? Well that’s the angle that the rain is falling at the moment 🙂

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