As you can probably guess, I’m no longer in North Yorkshire, Toto. Seven hours of driving, which sounds worse than it actually is, and you arrive in a part of Scotland that is truly magical – the Highlands.

I’ve wanted to come here for years and finally I’m here. I’m making the most of it too. Yesterday morning I went out early to grab some images and had a great time watching the misty mountains surrounding the Loch. I’ve decided to go out each morning for as long as I’m here. Shoot and chill is the plan. There is no better place to relax than a Scottish loch surrounded by mountains.

Originally I intended to bring a laptop but then came to the conclusion that I’d end up editing material from the day’s shoot. So I’ve limited my access to the net by bringing just the iPhone. No laptop or desktop. Kind of a 66% digital detox. I am, after all, trying to have a break from work, editing and computer screens.

Keep tuned for more posts this week. Apologies in advance if the posts aren’t up to the usual tidy standard. Everything is being done via an iPhone. 🙂

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