Website Rethink

I can barely believe it myself, but i’m actually going to change the design the main website after only ten months of the current theme. The reason? Well it comes down to technical support, or in this case the lack of it.

During the early part of 2011, the website was rebuilt with WordPress used to power it. I’m immensely happy with the way that decision turned out. I’ve become a BIG WordPress fan and the website will continue to be powered by this fantastic content management system.

The problem came with the theme i choose. What worked well on the demonstration page, turned out to suffer from a number of problems.  I’m not bad with websites, so i was able to repair a number of issues myself, alter the CSS and PHP code where necessary, tweak the design and beat the theme into what i wanted. More needs to be done, and the solutions aren’t simple. This is why I’ve decided to move on.

Some of the problems can only be fixed by PHP coding a solution. I’m not THAT good. My PHP code skills are basic. There are no upcoming update releases to solve these issues (it turned out that the designer of the theme has abandoned his creation and no one seems fussed about taking on the case). Enough is enough. A theme should work straight out of the box. This didn’t and still doesn’t.

I could spend another year figuring out how to fix these problems…. but i’m not going to.

The new website design, including some new features, should be up and running by January 1st 2012.

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