SoFoBoMo 2011 Debrief

Phew! The hard work is over and the book is finished. Yep…  Solo Photo Book Month is over for another year – well at least for me it is – and it’s time to reflect on the book, the photography and the project generally.

This year i found it tough to come up with book ideas. I did have an plan of shooting the book in Norfolk as the dates for the start of the SoFoBoMo project coincided with my visit, however i thought i’d be using a regular digital camera or even 6×6 film. In the end though, the answer came in the shape of the iPhone. Small and light, it is the perfect instrument for capturing images quietly and quickly. It’s perfect for street photography and from that thought came the book. Combined with the Hipstamatic photography app it managed to create images with a black & white ‘Holga’ like aesthetic that i liked a lot. The photographs in the book are displayed as shot – NO PhotoShop work was done at all. Nothing was added or tweaked. A loose limit of forty to fifty images to be in the finished book was always the aim and the final total came it at a magical forty seven. Perfect.

The one element i’ve always loved about the Solo Photo Book Month project is the degree of control you have over what you do. The rules are simple and you enforce them yourself. You could cheat but why would you want to? You also set the level of difficulty and i did briefly consider that using the iPhone again might be being slightly lazy but, hey it suited the job. Many of the photos were literally see and shoot moments. Sometimes there is just no time for technical considerations. The photograph of the people crab fishing was a classic example of that. Within seconds of the photo being taken they had moved. A full selection of photographs from the book project (including many photos not eligible for inclusion in the book due to them being taken before the project commence date of July 1st) can be found in the Sand, Sky, Sea and Street gallery HERE

So has it been a good SoFoBoMo year for me? I think it has. In fact i would regard this as the best of the three photo books i have created for the SoFoBoMo so far. So what about 2012? Ah, well i do have some plans that are about 75% complete for next year and it will be the most ambitious and challenging book I’ve attempted yet. All i will say for now is….5×4. Highlands. Landscape. 🙂

Watch this space….

This year’s book can be downloaded and viewed at:-

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