Over the Hills

Another shot taken using the Baldixette camera. The camera was purchased in North Wales back in 2004, although sadly I can’t exactly remember where i found it. I think it may have been a charity shop in Conwy, but I could be wrong.

I’ve only ever put one film through the camera (in North Wales) just as an experiment and to see how the camera performed as an image making tool. It was easy to use, however you had to prepare yourself before carefully clicking the shutter as it seems to fire only as quickly as you can press and release the button. There is no set shutter speed from what i can gather, making the film exposing process an interesting one.

It was fun going back to a basic camera like the Baldixette. It is a true photographer’s camera; no gadgets or software to get in the way of the picture taking. The photographer controls the whole image taking process. Hmm I may just put roll number two through the camera this summer just to see what I can get.

2 thoughts on “Over the Hills

  1. Beautiful image Rich! I’ve never
    heard of this camera before but
    so far, I’m really enjoying what
    you have captured with it! Yes,
    DO shoot more this summer!

  2. Glad you like it Kat. 🙂 A final Baldixette Wales photograph will appear tomorrow. I will definitely shot another roll with this camera this summer and put the results on the blog.

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