Phase One

The last couple of weeks have seen me move my attention to the design of my main photography website. Overall I’m pleased with the look and design of the site, but certain areas need a lot of work to bring them up to a completed stage. I’ve lost count of number of versions my website design has gone through. I believe this current site is around design version 6… but I could be wrong.

I’ve never been happy with my online portfolio page. I doubt i ever will be. I often use the term ‘work in progress’ regarding my website and that is true. I don’t thing it will ever stop being tweaked and improved. Websites are never finished, just abandoned. I definitely believe that to be true. We just move onto the new design and the process starts anew.

The remainder of this year will see me try to sort out a number of online projects I need to complete. The portfolio needs a major update, though that is in hand. The other issue is e-commerce which is divided between artprint websites (redbubble, imagekind), online store (cafepress) and the final sales system FOTOMOTO which is used in the printshop area of my website. Only Redbubble has been updated to where I’d like it to be… the rest need to be developed further.

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