Shifting Sands

 Tracks in the sand – Sea Palling, Norfolk, UK

I’m currently going through a phase of wanting to get ready for my Norfolk trip, even though I’m not doing it this year. Last year I made the decision to give Norfolk a break, the project would have a creative interlude for 2010, and come back fresh and reinvigorated for 2011. I will miss it though, which is not surprising considering that I’ve been doing it for five years on the trot. Time for a break me thinks. Last year, I got the feeling that I was becoming… er… too familiar with the place. Although it was hugely tempting to return this year, I’m going to stick by my decision of 2009 and do something else this year…. something very different – I’ll be helping film a vampire movie  in Whitby.

My Norfolk  project came about in 2004, influenced mainly by a photographic book called Northumberland by John Tordai. The book was part of a series, although I only recall ever seeing two books, where a photographer would pick a county they knew and photograph it. Tordai had been raised on Tyneside, so naturally, he chose the beautiful county of Northumberland. Sadly I can’t remember the name of the other photographer, or the exact county that the book was shot in. I do remember though that it was a county located in the south of England. I thought it a fantastic idea to do a long-term photographic project and that made me decide to shoot a project of my own.

My Norfolk project differs in one major respect to the books. I have no links to the county. I like the idea of coming to a subject fresh, just once a year for (and at) a certain period of time. I could do a similar type of project here in my home county of North Yorkshire, but for the moment I’ll stick to photographing the delights of Norfolk. How long will this project last? Initially when I started I thought ten years but I’ve decided to remove any time restrictions. It’s ongoing and ends when it ends. I’ll miss visiting this year but the break is needed.

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