Moving Pictures

 Winter in the fields – North Yorkshire, UK

I have so many ideas abot my new podcast that it’s hard to work out where to go with it. The first one will be audio but i’m really tempted to alternate between audio and video making six of each. Although i could do these video episodes using a phone, i think my life would be made far easier by investing in a small camcorder. The one i have my eye on is around £95 and would be perfect for recording video podcasts, after all i’m not making Gone with the Wind.

Speaking of video, very soon i may be returning to an old college of mine. The college has a certain technical suite that we would like to use to complete the vampire film ‘Christian’. To say that technology has moved on from when myself and the film’s director Matt were there would be an massive understatement. Just the ability to distribute work onto the internet is a massive leap forward. Back in our day, distribution relied on how many VHS tape copies you could produce.  It involved a lot of hard work, time and the visual quality was questionable at best. VHS video and reel-to-reel audio tape seem so last century now. I think it’s going to be a strange experience going back.

I envy what students have to work with now. If anything, technology has only helped to increase creativity. It’ll be interesting to see what they do produce.

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