Art History

 Boat makes its way into Rockland Broad, Norfolk, UK 

Light. That wonderous substance that makes or breaks a photograph. It something that we tend to take for granted, and yet, there are moments when it truely amazes us with its beauty. That is, my friends, where we come in to hopefully capture some of that magic. What helps use develop our creative talent is experience and knowledge, learning from other photographers, film makers and painters. The first two have been influences of mine for years, and finally i’m about to add painting to that list.

The old masters knew a thing or two about light, and i’ve finally decided to tap into that knowledge. I’ve started studying painting, something that during my student years  i would have laughed at, such was my ignorance. I’m starting with an acknowledged master of light – Titian – whose work is surely the  ideal place for any photographer to start their art history learning. Another i’d recommend is Johannes Vermeer whose work also uses light magnificently. His painting ‘ The girl with pearl earrings (1665)’ definitely has a enchanting photographic quality to it.

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