Seventeen Weeks

Sunbather at Sheringham, Norfolk, UK

This week hasn’t been too bad. It started well when the post delivered a cheque. Yes, i finally got paid for a job completed in late August. Total time from delivery to payment was seventeen weeks. With clients like that who needs enemies! The sad things is, there is nothing i can do about it, AND it’s becoming far more common for clients to pay in that kind of time frame. In their own time sums it up nicely. My record of ALWAYS being paid still stands…. for now.

A number of changes have been made regarding the business presence online. Many of you have already changed over to the new Facebook page. Thank you if you have. It is a bit of a pain moving pages, but i’m actually starting to like using Facebook and i want to develop that page more over 2010. It’s useful for posting snapshots, links and experimental material. I’ve also managed to design a business card that i like which will replace my old, and rather out of date, cards. It needed doing, so it got done. My motto for 2010.

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