21st Century Choice

Field boundary in winter – North Yorkshire, UK

For the first time in years, i’m having to look at my broadband provider. After years of great service by my old ISP Tiscali, i’ve been forced into the hands of the UK’s second biggest internet service provider TalkTalk due to a takeover. So far it looks like i’ll keep the status quo and remain a ‘loyal’ customer, but what i find rather annoying is the lack of choice i have from my new supplier. Upgrade or go really sums up the attitude.

ISP’s are like banks – we rarely swap from one to another. It’s too much hassle and the choice is just bewildering, even after ten years of consolidation in the ISP industry. What’s more…. they KNOW this!!!  Why fight it? I’ll sign up to TalkTalk for 18 months and see how it is. My broadband is currently under their control and it’s been the most solid,  consistant speed  i’ve ever had. Important when you deliver images to clients via the internet nine times out of ten. After 18 months i’ll review it and go from there…

3 thoughts on “21st Century Choice

  1. I’m a tad confused as I originally signed up to Pipex Homecall, then a year or so later I realised they’d been taken over by Tiscali, but I wasn’t aware of the TalkTalk take over.

    I got a better deal when Tiscali stepped in and I doubt I could improve on it to be honest. I think I’ll let it be for now unless I’m forced to act. I’m guessing your situation is different as you probably have a business account.

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