Self Portrait


 Self Portrait

I’m very fussy about portraits, especially self portraits. Too fussy probably. How you look on camera is often different to how you see yourself. I’d love to be one of those gorgeous people who can be photographed at ANY angle and still look fantastic. Saying that, the great Marlene Dietriech only allowed herself to be photographed under certain lighting conditions and always from a certain direction.  In the era of Photoshop, it’s often tricky to know what is real and what isn’t. Smoke and mirrors.

This shot was taken using the iPhone, put through the excellent CameraBag app twice and hey presto. I’m going to shoot some more portraits to see what i can get. I will post the best ones. Pretty happy with this though. A bit rock n’roll in tone, it has the feel of an album cover photograph. Most pleased.

One thought on “Self Portrait

  1. This DOES look like a cover for an album!
    Very cool image. I stopped taking self-portraits
    because, as you have said, it didn’t look
    like who I see myself as. . . Angelina Jolie.

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